ali.homepageHi, I’m Ali Katz! I’m a self-care and mindful parenting coach, a meditation expert, and an author. I’m also a mother of four (two precious boys and two adorable pups), a committed wife, a runner, and a yogi.

Yes, I’m incredibly busy, but I love every minute because I’ve finally found the balance, patience, and presence to be the best me possible, which allows me to be the best mom that I can be.

It wasn’t always this way though; in fact, I used to be a HOT MESS…

Taking care of everyone else put me last on my “To Do List”, and I was too exhausted to even consider my own needs!

I never had the stamina and energy to take care of my family the way that I wanted to.  Instead, my kids got a mom that was often tired and cranky, and most definitely could have let loose and played more.

It broke my heart when my kids told me that they could tell I wasn’t really listening to them, because they were right!  I had too much going on in my head and was overwhelmed with guilt, stress, and pressure, making it impossible to relax and even sleep.

I became addicted to sleeping pills after waking up at 5am for four years straight, and I walked around exhausted, often with no makeup and messy hair, hiding in the bathroom just to get some alone time!

Does this sound familiar?

In your drive to be a great mom are you:

  • Super hard on and even competitive with yourself?
  • Struggling to just go with the flow and unable to laugh anything off?
  • Thinking you’re a failure if the meals and the house aren’t perfect?
  • Sucked into “Mom Drama” and comparing yourself to others?
  • Shopping and over-spending out of boredom and to fill some void?
  • Feeling lost and disconnected from the person you used to be?
  • Keeping up an external facade while internally feeling like a fake?
  • Stressed and trying to just survive each day?
  • Putting your self-care on the back burner?


Also, as a parent, do you:

  • Wish your kids would go to sleep and stay in bed so you can sleep too?
  • Want to learn how to talk to your kids so they actually listen?
  • Wish your kids loved doing their homework?
  • Want to know how to plan on Sunday to set you up for a successful week?


Honey, I’ve experienced all of it! I was so stressed, overwhelmed, and tired that I got cancer at 34 years old.

This was a massive wake up call to take better care of myself, to make myself a priority, and to make sure that I was going to be around for my kids and to see them grow up.

Things CAN get better!

My journey towards self-care led me to meditation and mindfulness, which taught me how to be fully engaged in each experience, and to take control of where I put my attention.

This allowed me to put more attention on myself, to see how poorly I was treating myself, and how I was acting like my own worst enemy. From there, I was able to see what needed to change, which then allowed me to be a better mom and take better care of my family!

Finding that balance between taking care of myself and taking care of everyone else, allowed me to:

  • Connect to my intuition, quiet my mind, and eliminate anxiety
  • Be more patient, present, and grateful in this time
  • Slow down to make more thoughtful choices and decisions
  • Tackle my sleep issues and come off sleeping pills
  • Be a tuned-in mom — one that effectively listens and communicates
  • Be compassionate with myself and give myself a break when needed
  • Live in the moment, laugh, and spend quality time with my kids
  • Be a shining example of forgiveness, self-love, and respect for my kids


Honestly, after starting a self-care practice I noticed huge shifts in ALL areas of my life.

This led to a sense of peace, confidence, and a genuine love for my family and myself. Now, I’m a better mom, a happier person, and I’ve re-connected to my sense of self.

You also can reconnect, re-balance and be a great mom — without losing yourself! I’ll show you how.

I work with moms of school age children on self-care, healthy boundaries, and mindful parenting, as they often go hand in hand. I help moms (and even dads!) set up systems in their home THAT WORK, and allow for better communication and more joy in the home.

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to balance and calm!

Book your consultation and let’s discuss how I can help you.

Everyone can do it, and I will guide you every step of the way – from A to Zen!

What People Are Saying About Working With Ali…

“Meditating with Ali has helped me appreciate the present and stay in the moment, which I find especially important on the golf course. The breathing techniques that I have are great tools anytime I feel stressed or triggered. Allowing time to recharge your body and express gratitude has put a lot more positive energy in my life.”
~ Samantha, 17 yrs old

“As the ultimate type-A, working mommy of 2 little ones, I never thought meditation was something that would work for me or that I would be able to completely “turn off”… but I was so wrong! Ali carefully and skillfully guided me through my first meditation and ultimately to total relaxation – a place I had not been since I could remember. I left our meditation session feeling totally rejuvenated and full of energy and I can’t wait to meditate with Ali again soon!”
~ Katie D.

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